Story of my life...

  • Me: *have a shower*
  • ABC: release the promo pictures!
  • Me: *go and get dinner*
  • ABC: give them a new sneak peek!
  • Me: *goes to sleep*
  • ABC: releases all the episodes for the rest of the season in one night
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Suds and Dudes


Pairings: Outlaw Queen (Regina/Robin Hood)
Rating: T
Summary: "Ah," said Robin his hand sliding down her arm to gently grip her wrist, "I think I understand." His fingers guided her to point at the lever, "that controls the bath," he moved her hand so it pointed low towards the tap and Regina felt herself bend backwards against him, "and that is the shower," and he stretched her body upwards his chest pressing more firmly against her back.
Title: Suds and Dudes (yeah that’s all I got…)

Regina stared at the two criminals in her foyer. One was considerably smaller then the other but nevertheless there they both stood caught red handed and the queen could have been angry - in fact furious - but instead the welcome change of actually coming home to someone, even if that someone was a naked boy covered entirely mud, was honestly too pleasant for her to actually be cross at the wide eyed child, his father was a completely different story, but she’d deal with the current problem first and the other one later.

"What happened to you?" she asked carefully placing her purse down and kicking off her heels. She was finding it incredibly easy to act rationale even without a heart, and she wasn’t quite sure what to do with the knowledge that perhaps one day she would not miss the beating of the organ at all.

The boy, hair slick with mud and leaves, looked at her contemplatively stretching his arms as wide as he could, “a big puddle.”Regina laughed sadly the small child reminded her so much of Henry it physically hurt to look at him. So much for not having a heart.


"Excuse me?" snapped Regina eyes instantly moving to the wet, shirtless man standing protectively behind the boy. How he ended up wet and shirtless and looking like a model out of a Calvin Klein ad was beyond her but it was distracting.

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What really needs to be asked at Comic Con this year:


What was the point in going to Neverland if we weren’t going to get a single Hook/Tink, Pan/Hook, Pan/Tink, Bae/Tink or Hook/Bae background episode?


i liked how bran put his hand on the tree and it was like

'previously on game of thrones…..'