I can’ help myself but imagine our couple making slowly passionate love listening to this ♥

"Regina…We don’t have to, if you…."

"Shh….I know…but I want to…so be gentle and love me…"

" Always…"

And here comes the fluff period again =D


if your otp makes you cry and question your sanity clap your hands


Did it cross anyones mind that it might have been Zelena who kissed Robbin? I mean I don’t want to spoil such a wonderful OutlawQueen moment… But it feels so soon for the wonderful kiss!! And Zelena was gonna get it on with Rumple… :(

If Zelena was Regina, Robin would have felt something was off immediately I think, he would have pulled back from her and not go for another kiss like he did.

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Anonyme asked:

Did you recognize that a part of Snow White and Prince Charming's theme was playing during that kiss, but there is another theme on top of it that I can't recognize yet. any ideas?


I think that Mark Isham composed a variant version of the TL theme specially for OQ =)

You know, the scene at Granny’s with Tink…

"I know I saw it yesterday"

That conversation.

And then

"Right now I have better things to do than discussing about boys"


That got my attention, because she could have said “men”, but she said “boys”

I feel like he makes her feel like a teenager of some sorts =D

I will go back to my fangirling !!!!!

This is the Mills brand of supporting family members

  • Zelena: *I'm going to kill you three ways from Tuesday*
  • Regina: *fuck you sis* BRB, I now have something to live for: destroying my sister
  • Zelena: You Regina, you just...you just don't take risks. You don't live your life!
  • Regina: *fuck you sis* *kisses Robin* *skips off into the sunset with Roland*