Evil!prompt : Regina only lives for power and money. She was taught to take what she wanted from the others and then do whatever she desired with them. She married a man named Daniel, manipulated him to her will but the poor guy fell in love and she had to kill him. Because if there’s one thing Regina has learned, it’s that love is weakness, it’s dangerous and must be eliminated.

When she meets a man, who’s coming from her world, a handsome blue-eyed guy called Robin,  the two start playing a game. They challenge each other into seducing rich people, marrying them and when they’re sure to be the only inheritor of everything, get rid of the husband/wife and the first one to succeed have to give the other 10% of the heritage.

.But things don’t go always as planned….


You know when you know you should be writing, and you desperately want to be writing because god damn you just want to publish this piece of shit story, and you can’t stop thinking about writing when you’re doing other things, BUT WHEN YOU’RE STARING AT THE WORD DOC EVERYTHING JUST COMES UP BLANK what the hell is this


Activate over-protective Dad mode. Status - COMPLETE

Welcome To New York
Taylor Swift

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Honeymoon High

In the beginning their honeymoon had been of the inside of the house they were renting on the Caribbean islands,as they went at it like horny teenagers. But now four days into the honeymoon Regina longed to do more than romp. She wanted to see the island and shop the local huts, but Robin was crazed, on a sex high. One that Regina has gotten over.

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Regina honey…THE FUCK ARE YOU WEARING ?! o.O


do you ever get attached to like one line or phrase from a song and it holds so much meaning to you but no one else understands how powerful those few words are to you


Maybe they just decided that Regina/Lana is too sexy for ABC and that’s why she has so few scenes.

We may not agree on a lot of things but one thing we agree on is Hook is having way too much screentime.


Screen time for The Apprentice and first 4 episodes

Okay. Now this is bullshit. Hook, a character that wasn’t even a regular until late in the game and only serves to be Emma’s boyfriend, pretty much, has the most screen time. All of the female leads with the exception of Emma, the main fucking character, are being trumped by the males(will is new, so I can’t really count him much). And by that I mean other than Robin, they are all being beaten by the male love interest in the pairing.

The latest episode failed the bechdel test, which is a first in OUAT. And the only character to pass this season was Emma Swan in one conversation she had with Elsa, a character whose not even going to stick around.

It took two episodes and the beginning of one to put a woman of color under a fucking ice coma. So I’m just a little bit mad considering that “This is a show that revolve around strong women.”

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chocapic-selenator a réagi à votre billet “Still no Sean in 4x05…I’m crying and pissed off.”

PAREIL !!! JE VEUX SEAN !!! Il est dans le 4x06 hein ?!

Ba on le saura que lundi, ou dimanche si on le voit dans la promo. Mais si on le voit pas dans la promo, faudra attendre le press release =/

Still no Sean in 4x05…I’m crying and pissed off.